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Training SP is a provider of training courses and support packages to the retail and hospitality sectors.  Set up to offer help and advice, the team at Training SP has a wealth of experience dealing with a wide range of businesses for many years. 

Through our affiliations with awarding bodies, training partners and our legal team, we are able to offer a full licensing solution together with a suite of complimentary courses.  The APLH, SCPLH and SCPLH refresher courses and examinations are provided online and can be sat using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or any similar device. The examination is invigilated remotely.


TSP can provide face-to-face personal licence courses for groups of eight or more learners.


Personal Licence courses and exams now done online

About Us

The directors and management team at Training SP have been providing training and licensing solutions for many years. We pride ourselves on not only providing the training and licensing that people need, but also being able to use our expertise and knowledge of the licensed sector to give people honest and accurate information to allow their business to progress.

We receive hundreds of calls from people who have spent many hours looking through the internet to try and answer their questions, usually without success! Even worse than failing to find answers, is the risk of being given misleading information. This can lead to people trading illegally and can result in serious consequences.

Save yourself the time, headaches, and the risk of relying on potentially incorrect advice, by calling one of our experts today so that we can answer all your questions. It won’t cost you a penny, we are happy to offer our advice free of charge and look forward to speaking with you.


mission statement

Our mission is to break down barriers to learning and to help businesses and people grow by providing training and support to all our clients and their people.

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