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LicenSing Services


Training SP provides a comprehensive range of licence application services for the licensed retail sector through our approved panel of licensing lawyers. Together we are experts in our field and understand all licence application procedures thoroughly. From new premises licence applications to major and minor variations and change of designated premises supervisor applications – ours is a practical, time-efficient and cost-effective service.

PLA – personal licence application service

Once you have become one of the many thousands of people that gain their PLH qualification through Training SP, there will now need to be an application undertaken to your local authority in order to complete the process of gaining your personal licence. The vast majority of our learners are happy for Training SP to carry out this process for them in order to avoid the pitfalls and complexities of the application procedure. Training SP will:


  • Complete the application paperwork for you

  • Endorse your photo ID

  • Pay all necessary application fees and postage

  • Liaise with the council directly throughout the application procedure

  • Once your application is accepted, we will send your personal licence to you by recorded delivery


The cost of this service is just £114 plus VAT, if you have your PLH qualification but have not yet applied for your licence then let us take the strain! Call us today on 0151 318 1478.

Who Should Apply for a Personal Licence?

Anyone working in premises licensed to sell alcohol whose job role involves supervising or authorising members of staff to sell alcohol to the public. Managers, assistant managers or supervisors working in pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores or supermarkets should apply for a personal licence if their job role involves authorising or supervising sales of alcohol from their premises.

If you have already sat and passed your personal licence qualification (PLH or SCPLH), and would you like us to apply on your behalf please click here or call 0151 318 1478 to speak with a member of our team.


Premises Licence Applications

If you are running or planning to run a business that involves the retail sale of alcohol, then you will need a premises licence. Typical business models that will need a premises licence include:

  • Pubs and bars

  • Cinemas

  • Theatres

  • Nightclubs

  • Takeaway food outlets

  • Village and community halls

  • Off Licence, supermarket or Convenience Store

  • Online Alcohol Sales

  • Restaurant / late opening café / bistro etc


Selling alcohol or carrying out a licensable activity without the appropriate licensing is a serious offence which carries a sentence of six months imprisonment and an unlimited fine. Many people fall foul of the law by not receiving appropriate advice when they set the business up, however, in the eyes of the law, ignorance is no defence!

Remember that it is not just the sale of alcohol which constitutes a licensable activity and we can also advise and assist you if you plan to undertake any of the following:

  • Indoor sporting events

  • Film exhibition

  • Boxing or wrestling entertainment

  • Live music

  • Playing of recorded music

  • Performance of a play

  • Entertainment that is of a similar description to live music, the playing of recorded music and dancing

  • Adult entertainment

  • The provision of late-night refreshment such as hot food / drinks served between 11pm and 5am


In many instances, the location of the premises may fall into a Cumulative Impact Zone. This is a geographical location where the local authorities believe there are sufficient establishments providing alcohol, and any new licence applications are presumed not to be accepted. This is an area where we have many years of experience and it does not mean that you cannot proceed with your business plan.

If a premises licence application is submitted which is not fit for purpose, then this can cause concern amongst the relevant authorities who will be notified of your licensing intentions. These include:

  • Police

  • Fire Service

  • Child Protection Agency

  • Trading Standards


Your premises licence will form the heart of your business and it is important to use a professional service to ensure that your application is successful.

Who Should Apply for a Premises Licence?

Anyone who intends to operate premises where licensable activities take place. Where alcohol is to be sold this will include pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, off licenses, convenience stores and supermarkets. A premises licence can be held by a person or by a limited company.


For a free consultation with one of our licensing experts click here or call 0151 318 1478. As an established and trusted organisation, we often hear of many people who invest time and money mistakenly applying for licensing that may not be needed.  If you do not need a particular licence we will ensure you are correctly informed so that you can run your business effectively and legally without worrying about compliance.

Variations Service

Service Plan

Major variation

+ vat plus disbursements


Minor variation

+ vat plus disbursements



Change of Designated Premises Supervisor:

+ vat plus the council application fee





At Training SP we are often able to assist people with variations to their existing premises licence. As your business grows and develops, your licensing requirements may change and it is important to ensure that any conditions on your original premises licence either continue to be adhered to, or are amended in accordance to any changes in the operation of the business.


The most common instances where we can assist include:

  • Major or “Full” Variations

A major variation can include:

  • The extension of the hours whereby a licensable activity such as the sale of alcohol will be carried out

  • A change to the layout of the building, or the areas where you wish to sell alcohol

  • The addition, or removal of conditions on your licence

  • The addition of further licensable activities


Changes to your Licence

There are occasions whereby for a large number of reasons, you may need to make some amendments to your premises licence. Although only minor changes, it is imperative that these are carried out properly so that you do not run the risk of trading illegally.


These changes can be:

  • Change of DPS

  • Transfer of the owner of the premises licence

  • Application for a Temporary Event Notice


When we carry out these changes, we use a professional licensing practitioner to complete all necessary paperwork and ensure that it is completed and confirmed by the authorities to have been processed accurately and correctly.


If you want us to make a variation application for you then call the licensing team on 0151 318 1478 or

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